Elena Clark

Elena Clark was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and emigrated from that country when it was still part of the former Soviet Union. She has lived in Canada for the past 33 years and presently resides in Thornhill, Ontario, with her Canadian husband, three children and five grandchildren. Mrs. Clark earned a university degree in Mathematics and since arriving in Canada, she has pursued a successful career in the field of Information Technology. As a specialist systems consultant, she travels extensively in Canada, the USA and Europe. This affords her the opportunity of meeting interesting people from many cultural backgrounds and learning their fascinating individual life stories. Mrs. Clark has endured difficult experiences in her past: the hardship of everyday life in the Soviet Union, emigration from her childhood homeland, divorce, sole responsibility of raising two children as a single mother prior to her re-marriage, building a life in her adopted new country, and dealing with the challenges of her demanding career. Some two years ago, Mrs. Clark began to actively take up her long-held interest in writing. Observing the personal lives of many other fellow immigrants, friends and business associates, she became convinced that nothing can be quite as intriguing as the lives and inter-personal relationships of other individuals and their families. She believes that a simple life story is often more enthralling, in its own right, than a carefully crafted detective novel. Mrs. Clark’s stories and novels are about the complexities, dilemmas, and emotional ups and downs that people face on a daily basis through diverse life experiences.