To my readers,

I am a computer systems analyst by profession; day in and day out, I examine operational business problems and then provide logical solutions to address those issues. Then, everything runs smoothly…but, it’s rarely so easy outside of software and computer systems, is it? Unlike programming code, people rarely operate as expected.

Perhaps as a natural result of my workplace experiences, I became deeply interested in scrutinizing, in a non-intrusive manner, the varied circumstances and events that have taken place in the lives of others. And let me tell you, everyone has a story.

The desire to understand the human condition seems to come from my DNA. I find it fascinating to observe the complexity of inter-personal relationships; I am equally captivated by the secret motivations of people that lead to surprising, or even bizarre, behaviour.

The essential difference between any faulty computer program and a dynamic, real-life situational crisis is that the affected person cannot easily erase some offending code and drop in a replacement. This is what appeals to my analytical mind and explains why, in my writing, I always insert my main characters into the most critical situations. I want to see how they react!

Basically, this is how I write – I take an idea or event, or draw upon an interesting relationship from real life, analyze it, and then seek to apply my own creativity in composing the story. While similar situations may have happened in real life, the cast is mine and the events and outcomes in the book are the product of my own imagination.

To date, I have published four books and three short stories—with more in the works. Explore my book pages to learn more about my novels. All four are available for purchase. I also publish sneak peeks and short stories on my blog.

Thank you for dropping by my website. I can’t wait to share more stories with you!



Music of the Wandering Stars

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