Fannie doesn’t work anymore. Her social commitments, appointments at the spa, workouts at the gym, and frequent shopping trips all take up so much of her time that she simply doesn’t have any time to waste on some mundane day-job… not that she needs to work anyway.

Janna is living with her father now. She didn’t want to switch schools and felt that the commute from Post Road to her school would be too stressful and time-consuming. However, mother and daughter still have their Sundays when they spend pleasant times together. They usually have lunch and then go shopping in one of the splendid Toronto malls.

The happy couple bought a beachfront condo in Florida and Fannie discovered that the fresh sea air is the best remedy for headaches. Whenever she feels that a migraine’s coming on, she flies to Florida for three or four days of rest and relaxation. It’s very unfortunate that Nathan is usually too busy in his factory and can’t always accompany her. But Fannie manages nonetheless.

Fannie now has many new friends. Every Saturday night, Nathan, Fannie and some of her friends go to the Russian nightclub. Her favorite corner table is always waiting for them. From her strategically located table seat, like a queen on her throne, Fannie observes all the goings-on and the ‘fashion show’ of the female socialites attending the club and soaks all the tidbits of juicy community gossip. Fannie loves dancing and the festivities usually carry on until two or three o’clock in the morning. Nathan graciously picks up the tab for the entire merry gang. He’s satisfied and happy just to sit amongst such a nice group of younger people and feels proud to be the lucky husband of the best-looking woman in the club.

During the week, Fannie’s friends sometimes visit her at her palatial Post Road enclave in the evenings. They spend a bit of time on small-talk with Nathan and then quickly proceed to the basement for a game of pool and a drink. It’s just too bad that Nathan must go to work bright and early the next morning and needs his sleep, so he can’t join his wife and her friends for their social activities. Fannie always takes care to give him a goodnight kiss and tells him how much she loves him before adjourning to the basement to join in the fun.

Fannie is very careful and discreet in choosing her lovers and prefers to date married and emotionally stable men. The last thing she needs is an emotional involvement or any sort of disruption of her satisfying, comfortable lifestyle.

And it’s only on the odd occasion, while sitting in the living room of her posh house or on the balcony of her oceanfront condo, when Fannie thinks about Sam, and about his boisterous laugh, his kind smile, and that look of pure adoration and undying love that used to be portrayed in his eyes. But these fleeting moments of nostalgia are few and far between.



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