Tales of Transmigration: Olga and Rivkah

Tales of Transmigration: Olga and Rivkah

This is a story about the day-to-day life choices in a country where life was anything but normal...

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Two women, two lives. Their life stories couldn’t be more different. One spent most of her life in the poorest area of Kiev, struggling to make a living; the other lives in the lap of luxury. The first dedicates her life to her family; the other is committed to building a new society for the betterment of humankind. While the first woman draws her strength from the religion and traditions of her forefathers, the other rejected all the old dogmas like out-of-date clothes.

Yet they both came from the same background and ended up leaving their homelands to travel to faraway lands, living their old age among people whose culture and language they didn’t understand.

They lived through all the hurdles and the turbulence of war, state terror, and pathetic, thoughtless bureaucracy in the Soviet Union.  Then they witnessed the birth of a new idealistic society and its maturity into something altogether different and evil.

This is a story about the day-to-day life choices in a country where life was anything but normal; about love and betrayal; friendship and enmity, integrity and compromises; and about the struggle to maintain dignity and the human spirit, even when they’re trampled on.

What the readers say

"Absolutely absorbing! The richness, insight and sympathy Elena creates in her characters kept me reading almost non-stop!"

Taras Hemon

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Series: Tales of Transmigration, Book 1
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: L&V Publishing Company
Publication Year: 2015
Format: Paperback
Length: 564 pages
ASIN: 0993797555
ISBN: 0993797555
List Price: 26.33
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